8 Surprising Benefits of Ginger Tea You Should Know About


Every now and then, we look for a hot beverage that can soothe our body and our tummy. While coffee and tea are common choices by many, ginger tea is a beverage that can be a better choice for the body. Ginger tea is made from ginger, a well-known spice used in cooking, beverages and medicinal purposes. The taste of ginger tea is mildly spicy and can be served as is or with milk.

Many countries have different versions of ginger tea. Ginger tea in Malaysia and Singapore is called teh halia. In the Philippines, it is called salabat and is usually served during the cold months. Korean ginger tea have two versions, either mixing sweetened ginger on hot water or boiling water with ginger. Most western countries prefer having milk, orange slices or lemon on their ginger tea, reducing the spice of the drink.

Ginger is known to be used by ancient Indians and Chinese some 5,000 years ago. Since ginger originally grew in Southeast Asia, it has considerably become popular spice in Southeast Asian countries and India. This is one reason why ginger tea is widely accepted in this region of the world. The introduction of ginger and ginger tea only started in the first AD from spice trades made by Indians and Romans.

The Benefits of Ginger Tea

Ginger tea is most commonly drank during cold weather but may also be taken when suffering from colds, diarrhea or nausea. But there are many other benefits that a person can get from regular drinking of ginger tea.

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