How a 53-year-old retired quarterback keeps his joints as limber as people half his age

It’s always curious why certain people just seem to age better than others, isn’t it? Maybe it’s genes, or perhaps different lifestyles, or even a combination of things.

To an extent, aspects of aging can be out of our control. But to think there isn’t a single thing you can do to help “grow” a bit more gracefully… that would be a mistake.

One small change that’s working for so many people has helped them bolster joint health and reclaim ease of movement. It’s amazing. In fact, I’ll give you an example of just how well it works…

Picture this: A man spent 20 years in pro football running, throwing, and trying to escape the strongest men in the world who wanted to bring him to the ground any way they could. That’s what some might consider to be excessive wear and tear on the joints.

Doug Flutie, mostly known for his infamous “Hail Mary” touchdown pass, retired from the NFL after the 2005 season but that didn’t necessarily mean he intended to take it easy. Doug continued a high level of activity, staying in great shape despite a serious knee injury he suffered earlier in his career.

Now, at the prime age of 53, Doug has recently re-emerged in the public spotlight as one of the competitors on the 22nd season of ABC’s hit show Dancing With The Stars. Just watch the show for five minutes to get a true understanding of the kind of physical demands that are imposed on every contestant.

For Doug to not just be able to compete, but actually execute with the speed and precision of other contestants half his age is simply remarkable. It’s hard to believe if you really stop and think about it.

By now you’re probably asking yourself how in the world he does it…

Well, good news. His secret to staying flexible and in control of his movements is a simple combination of ingredients. And even though your daily life might look a little different than Doug’s, everyone deserves a second chance at good joints.

So it only makes sense that something he trusts to work so well for his joints under such extreme circumstances could certainly work for yours, right?

Clinical studies on Aprèsflex show subjects reported significant relief from joint discomfort in just 7 days! Imagine being able to start moving more easily, feel more comfortable, and enjoy life to the fullest – by this time next week.

Combine that with a cutting-edge form of undenatured collagen known as UC-II. Studies done on UC-II demonstrate that it’s TWICE as effective at easing joint discomfort as the typical glucosmine HCl plus chondroitin formulas.

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