Top 10 Alkaline Foods You Must Include in Your Diet


The acidity level in our body can cause many complications if it goes up or it drops down. The acidity in our blood corresponds to the food we eat. And you may not notice it, but a lot of our modern food can produce more acid in our blood. If you have been eating more bread, meat, legumes or fried food lately, then your acidity level may be higher. But you can easily balance this out by having alkaline foods.

After some studies, researchers found alkaline foods does not just balance the acidity level in the body. Alkaline foods can actually help the body gain more energy and promote a healthier immune system. Alkaline foods can also help the body maintain an ideal weight, lower blood pressure, prevent heart diseases and other diseases like cancer. This is why it is ideal to have an alkaline food mixed in with your daily diet.

You may not realize it, but you may have some of these alkaline foods in your diet already. Here are ten of the best alkaline foods you can add to your diet to achieve optimum health.

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